Spider Stun Guns
All of the Spider Stun Guns are rechargeable and incorporate a flashlight. Alotastock has done the work for you, weeding out the junk in the market and selling high quality products that honestly work when you need them the most.

Spider Stungun Model 900
Orig.: $35.00
Sale: $29.95
Safety Pin
Orig.: $20.00
Sale: $15.00
University Security Package
Orig.: $89.99
Sale: $65.99

What's New?
Spider Stunguns are known to having a painful bite once pressed onto the skin but these new High Volatage Model 930 can go through layers of clothes including leather that will knock down up to 300lbs! Check them out! 






Stungun Laws

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Click this to see Stunguns-Tazers- PepperSpray in Action!!




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