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The 9.5 INFINITY RANGER RECON is designed for a broad spectrum of Utility and Close Quarter Combat(CQB) applications. The INFINITY RANGER RECON  has been fitted with a  New and Improved Two Tone 440 Stainless Steel black titanium coated blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC for Toughness and Wear Resistence. The INFINITY RANGER RECON with Drop-Point Blade will hold its Own in any Situation or Environment and Built to Last!

These Fierce OTF's are more Intimidating than other OTF's and has a "Fast Action". The Drop-point Blade can Rip through any Organic Material with Ease. With the Extra Weight Making This One Formidable Knife. The Automatic INFINITY RANGER RECON has a Unique Handle Shape that molds to your Hand and has "Smooth Body Handles"(NEW) For Strength and Flexibility. Comes with a Smooth Grip Pattern over a CERAKOTED Coating for Sound Deadening, Ultimate Protection, Sure Grip and Durability Beyond Belief! Solid Stainless Steel Trigger Chassis. The Oversized Actuating Switch permits easy Opening with Gloves. Intergrated Glass Breaker/Striker in the Base of the Handle. New Low  Black or Stainless Steel Coated Grade 8 Body Screws (Torx#7) make dis-assembly easier for cleaning and repairs if necessary. Black or Stainless Steel Boot/Belt Clip.

Comes with a Combat Black Para-Clip  Pouch that can be worn either Vertical, Horizontal or Upside-Down on your gear. The Sheath is Ergonomically Designed to work with A.L.I.C.E/Web, TA-50 and Molle Gear.

If You are ever in a Situation where your Life would Depend on your Knife. The 9.5" INFINITY RANGER RECON  Drop-point Blade is the Knife For You. The Action is Fast, They Hit Hard, and the Lock-Up is Excellent. Action is Constant Torsion Spring Pressure for Rapid Blade Deployment and Retraction! The 3.875"(3-7/8) Two Tone 440 Blade (Ti-Coated) has .875"(7/8") inside the Handle when fully Open and with Tighter Tolerances inhibits blade wobble.

This INFINITY RANGER RECON  Blades are all Original!

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Spec's Include:

9.5" Overall Length, Profile

5.5" Closed Handle Length,

Handle Thickness .55" Tapered to: .43"

Handle Material: (CERAKOTED) Zinc alloy  for Flexibility & Durability in any Environment

3.875" 440 Stainless Steel Blade Black Ti-Coated Length,

.174" Thick Main-Springs and Sear 's are 4160 Spring Steel

And 9oz Weight.




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