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BlackWidow High,Med,Strobe 1000LM 100+ yards
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With this kind of Super LED Light you can view the excellent brightness in the dark or disorientates a would be attacker with this long-lasting LED that is as bright as the sun. The LED light fits easily in your hand and gives you extra safety at night. You don’t need to worry about rainy days, its waterproof. 

  1. Simply Brighter and More Powerful
  2. Shock Proof @ 3meter drop
  3. Rain Resistant
  4. CNC machining aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  5. Non Slip Hard anodized finish
  6. 1” Housing to fit most 1”mounts
  7. Rechargeable Battery & wall plug Charger
  8. Extended 18650 Battery Life
  9. Extended Emitter Life
  10. 1,3,5 Modes (pending on the Model)
  11. Crenelated Strike Bezel provides self-defense
  12. Black Wrist Strap Included
  13. Assembled in the USA
  14. (Installation): Positive post of battery enters Tail Cap
  15. For operation Click Tail piece on/off
1. 100% Brand New.
2. Brand: BlackWidow 
3. Quantity of Emitters: 1,3, or 5.
4. Battery Configurations: 18650 rechargeable battery or CR123 (include); Voltage Input: 12.6 V Max.
5. Color : Black or custom.
6. Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie and or pressure switch cord.
Switch Location: Tail-cap.
7. Modes: 1,3,or 5; Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid>Low > Fast Strobe>SOS. M/A varys on model.
8. Appearance treatment: CNC machining military grade aluminum alloy shell, unique design, wear and corrosion free,feels good, non-slip:Hard anodized treatment: color: metallic black.
9. No one in the world can look directly at the light, its temporary blinding so as to achieve the cover of the effectiveness of their attacks on the enemy.
Feature pending model:
1.Operation - Hi > Mid > Low >strobe> SOS pending model.
2.Light Color: White,Green, Red,Blue, or UV
3.LED Quantity: 1,3,5
4.Flashlight color: Black
5.Reflector: Stainless steel
1xBlackWidow LED Flashlight Torch
1 x BlackWidow 18650 battery and home charger. 




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