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Spider Stungun Model 900
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Simply the BEST Stungun Ever Made

Triple Shock Prongs

Dimensions 4.25" x 2 " x 1"


10.5 Million Volts

(This Is The Strongest Hand Held Stun Gun For It's Size)

1.2 Milliamps

Leather Carrying Case

Non-Slip Coated Grip

   5 Built In Rechargeable Batteries

A Full Charge of 4-5 Hours Will Last Over 8 Months!!
This Unit Will Be Ready When You Need It!!
Built In Led Flashlight
Built In Slide Out Charger
· Has a "on & off" safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.

When the Safety switch is put in the "on" position,

A small Red LED light will come on to warn you the unit is now ready to use.


But Strong Enough To Put The Biggest And Meanest Attacker Down In Seconds!!




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